The Social Media Marketing Minefield

Social Media Marketing is about being present and engaging with your target audience directly. What’s fascinating about social media is that the medium is largely unorganised and uncontrolled. The more traditional marketers are used to dealing with the side of marketing whereby you curate a message, create a landscape, generate a story and seed it out. Although social media allows you to do all of these things, you have to engage in a two-way conversation with people. It’s an open-source platform so your actions online are open to the negative and positive sides. There’s a great line on what social media is by Social Media Today “Social Media is effectively a platform for conversation & sharing….It is also a platform for customers, investors & employees”.

Some key uses of social media include: 

  • Generating awareness, whether it is for a company, a personal, a product or a brand 
  • Lead generation
  • Attracts visitors
  • Enables you to engage in direct relationships with your target audience
  • Customer care and support
  • Feedback
  • Content sharing — allows you as a company to share your content and your target audience to share it with others
  • And a lot more …

Take Youtube for example. In April 2005, the first Youtube video was uploaded and now (July 2021), the video has over 172 million views. MILLION VIEWS!!!!! The link to the video is here for you to check out but spoiler alert, it’s not Justin Bieber latest Pop collaboration or a Korean Singer with cool dance moves, it’s a video of a guy in the zoo! It lasts for 18 seconds. There’s nothing special happening in it, other than it features the co-creator of Youtube, Jawed Karim. This video speaks volumes about how powerful these tools can be.

You might wonder why I have not mentioned anyone social media platform here. Truthfully, the reason is there’s always a new platform coming up. Whether it’s Clubhouse, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or LinkedIn and so on. What’s important is understanding the core underlying elements of the platform. You need to understand the why before the how and the what. Each platform is suitable for a certain brand, for example, you wouldn’t promote Monster energy drink on LinkedIn because of the audience there. Nowadays, it’s become more vital than ever to establish a social media presence for your brand. This presence needs to be a reflection of your target audience. Every post, every comment and even every following you have, should be viewed as a reflection of your brand. More than that, you need to have consistency. Even the time you post is crucial on social media platforms.

So what can EMC do to help you grow? Well, we’ll not only help you come up with a strategy on what type of content needs to go on the platform – we will create and manage it for you! And with our expertise and knowledge – the only way is up. Contact us today to find out what we can do to make you stand out from the social media minefield: Email or call us on 0863888532.