About Us


Edel Mc Cabe

Edel McCabe, Multi-Award Winning CEO including All-Ireland Business Woman of the Year, 2012, Network Ireland.

Marketing and business development professional with 17 years plus experience. Creative and ideas-driven, with excellent business growth skills. Highly focused on the implementation and impact of strategies to achieve overall goals, objectives, and future-proof organisations.

Your business is our business at EMC Agency, we look after Marketing, Communications, PR, Events, Business Strategy, Pitches, and much more.

Digital Marketing Executive

Juliana Pazini

After working for the last seven years in marketing (both offline and online) Juliana is responsible for strategy development & accelerates customer growth.

She is capable of driving the planning and execution of online initiatives for websites, social media and other channels. 

Graduated in advertising & marketing, Juliana is specialised in PPC advertising, Social Media campaigns, Google Tools, developing new ideas and creating campaigns for our customers. 

Her biggest passion is visiting different countires and spending time with her family.

IT Project Manager

Marek Kalucki

With over 15 years of experience in website development Marek brings a tone of expertise to EMC. Marek is our project manager for website relevant projects. His biggest projects involved Ecommerce website development with localized services across several markets.

Marek is leading all websites projects inclugind e-commerce design and development.

Chief Digital Officer

Marcin Ozga

With over 10 years experience in digital Marcin is consulting the company on strategy & strategic customers.

Our Clients

Our love for our clients is what drives EMC Agency from strength to strength. We spend time with our clients to really understand their needs and wants, designing campaigns based on their values and product/service offerings.

Our Approach

Is to build long-term sustainable success for our customers. Thinking outside the box, using resources already available and making sure budgets are spent to the very best of their ability.

Our Mission, Vision

To be the conduit that allows companies of all sizes and all industries to realise their true goals and capabilities. Nothing is impossible until it is done.