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In today's connected world connection to your customer is more important than ever. At EMC Agency, we make sure you are on the right frequency at the right time with the right content. Marketing & PR is our expertise, with a love for the written and digital world that allows our creativity to flow and make our customers a number one choice in their field.
Slide Effectiveness Effectiveness is your ability to produce successful results.
Our client's results' are all that matters to us at EMC Agency.
We work tirelessly to make sure your business is at the top
of its field, on every platform.
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New Layer
Slide Marketing Marketing has grown exponentially in recent years, with the growth of digital
we have seen the growth of marketing.
Marketing is more than one element, it incorporates so many elements and
often people think it can be done by anyone....
For marketing to be truly sucessfuly you have to understand the metrics,
the messaging, the brand, the customers and the business.
That is why we excel at EMC Agency.
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Slide Communications Communication is interpreted in many ways - with the slightest change in a look, in a comma,
in an image or in a exclamation mark! You can make or break a business.
The devil is in the detail when it comes to communicating to your customers. And, that is where
our expertise and skills comes into play!
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We Are Here
For Your Business

We are excited to hear about your business, your plans and your customers. At EMC Agency we integrate seamlessly with you and your staff, allowing your company to reach its full potential and make your customers your biggest advocates.

The EMC Agency Difference

Value for Money

We are dedicated to making Marketing, Digital & PR services affordable for all companies from start-ups to SME's to larger international companies with budgets you want to spend effectively. We work with companies from a variety of different areas from Dentists, Distribution Centres, Executive Coaching, Artists, Personal Training, Water Filtrations Systems, Beauticians, Retail Shops, and many more.

Lead-generation, brand awareness, and marketing strategies are our forte.

Growth Strategy

The key to any business is growth and evolution. No business has the luxury of staying static in today's modern world. We work with our clients, putting a plan and strategy in place that allows them to grow and evolve, study their competitors and their customers to make sure they are at the top of their game.


Years of experience, years of study and continually investing to stay on the top of their game allows EMC Agency to offer their clients best in service quality in everything they do. Key Performance Indicators are our and your best friend, quality is the name of the game. EMC Agency only offer Top Class Quality Service.

Quick Delivery

Speed & efficiency are paramount when it comes to marketing & digital services. We ensure to meet all our client's needs, to the highest possible standards as quickly as possible.

24/7 Support

Our customers are our priority, that is why we offer 24/7 customer support to make sure any questions or issues are answered without delay.

Easy To Use

You are guaranteed at EMC Agency everything we supply is easily navigable and simple to use. And, if any questions do arise - we are only a phone call away.

We Provide Tailored Marketing & Branding

EMC Agency is the vehicle that allows you to connect to your customers with emotion, passion, and authenticity. We create tools, campaigns, and plans to ensure your brand and your business is the only choice for your customers. 

Creativity and uniqueness are portrayed to your customers in how you communicate through your marketing, PR & digital creations. These need to be on point, on message, and connected to your core values. EMC Agency are experts in achieving this for our clients.

We achieve this for our clients through:

  • Marketing assets from traditional brochures, online newsletters, social media creations and more....
  • Smart Websites, accessible on all devices worldwide.
  • Campaigns that connect you to your customers, making you their only choice.
  • All things digital, allowing you to be in touch with your customers where they are and when they are there!

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